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As a parent/guardian of a student, I understand that a place will be reserved for the student only if the admissions application is completely filled and signed and, the non-refundable registration fee and the activity fee are paid at the time the application is submitted.


Considering this reservation agreement by Shaun Dumas Academy, the undersigned agrees to pay all required tuition and fees and abide by all stipulations and payment terms set forth. 

I understand that my obligation to pay the tuition and fees for the full academic year is unconditional. No portion of the tuition and fees paid, or outstanding balance will be refunded or canceled despite the subsequent absence, withdrawal, or dismissal from SDA. I further understand that Shaun Dumas Academy has the right to withhold the student’s academic record for failure to pay any portion of such tuition and fees under this agreement.


 If enrollment is canceled or if the student fails to attend school even as a result of dismissal by the school, I am obligated to pay tuition and fee charges.

Unless and until I deliver to the school written notice to the contrary, I hereby authorize my student to participate in all school activities, including athletics and school-sponsored or sanctioned trips, and I authorize the use of my student’s photograph in school publications and advertising.

The parent or guardian also absolves Shaun Dumas Academy, its administrators, teachers, and/or parents furnishing transportation (not to include insurance companies and commercial buses) from any responsibility that might be incurred due to an accident or injury to the applicant while on a school-sponsored event.

In completing this application, the parent or guardian subscribes to the regulations, including the drug-abuse policy and spirit of the discipline maintained at Shaun Dumas Academy.



Please be advised that completion of this application does not guarantee acceptance into this school. The school reserves the right to approve or deny any applicants.



If your auto-debit due date falls on a weekend or holiday, your account will still be debited on that day. You agree that if any such debit is dishonored for any reason, Shaun Dumas Academy shall have no liability for any fees charged to you by your financial institution. Shaun Dumas Academy will automatically re-attempt any failed debits approximately 5 days after the original payment date. This authority will remain in effect until Shaun Dumas Academy receives your written instruction to cancel auto-debit service. To cancel or stop a scheduled auto-debit payment, or re-attempt, you must contact Shaun Dumas Academy no later than 3 business days before the scheduled payment at 1-877-375-3494.



Shaun Dumas Academy's terms and conditions state that if a payment is posted past the due date, your account will be assessed a late charge. If a check or money order fails to clear, Shaun Dumas Academy charges a fee of $40.00. 



I have read and agree to the terms and conditions listed above. I agree to pay the amount established by Shaun Dumas Academy for the student listed on my application and realize that if any payments fail to be posted by the specified due date such inaction will result in a late fee established by Shaun Dumas Academy. I understand that Shaun Dumas Academy may contact me via email and telephone when payments are late and charge a follow-up fee to my account.

The undersigned also acknowledges that the above terms and conditions are in effect during the entirety of the above student’s enrollment at Shaun Dumas Academy, unless otherwise agreed to in writing. 

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