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Our Mission

No Athlete Left Behind  

Our Mission is to Inspire, Teach, Encourage, Support and Motivate all Student Athletes to Dream Forever



Why Shaun Dumas Academy? 

SDA will set the standard for total academic, athletic and personal development in student athletes. SDA will cater to the whole athlete. SDA's goal is to prepare every athlete to win in life.

What sets SDA apart? 

SDA will provide all students with an online Christian Based curriculum with individualized instruction for each unique student. 

Why SDA chose an online curriculum? 

Not only is the world constantly evolving, but our student athletes will be competing on a National Level. Providing our students with the tools they need to stay on top of everything while pursuing their dreams is our top priority.

Vision & Values

Our Biggest Challenges 

Grades, Scores, Development and Exposure SDA focuses on building the WHOLE athlete. 

Did you know? 

ONLY 7% of high school athletes play sports in college & ONLY 2% of high school athletes play at NCAA Division I schools. 

The odds are stacked against student athletes. 

We want our athletes to be prepared and encouraged when their time comes. We're building champions on and off the court.

Balancing is KEY !

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Shaun Dumas Academy development programs focus on maximizing student athletes potential through development focused training. 

Strength and conditioning, nutrition, vision, mental toughness and leadership specific training spearhead all academy development programs. 

Boys Basketball - National & Junior National Team, Middle School Team & Post-Graduate Team 

Girls Basketball - Academy Team & Middle School Team


Football Program - Middle School Team 

Baseball Program - Middle School Team 

Academy Development Programs 

Boys & Girls Basketball, Football, Baseball & Softball, Girls Volleyball, Track & Field, Dance and Cheer.​​


Online Christian based "self-paced" curriculum with individualized dynamic instruction for each unique student. The purpose of our self paced curriculum is to encourage all students to feel confident, productive, and truly enjoy their academic pursuit. 

Students grades 9-12 will be enrolled in our online fully accredited virtual academy, which is nationally accredited through Cognia and fully recognized by colleges across the country. Our online virtual academy has been approved by the NCAA for student athletes.



What does SDA team look like and what role will they play in the classroom? 

Administrators, Advisors, Coaches, Teachers, Mentors, Facilitators, Trainers and Leaders will be present and active in all classrooms to encourage, support, and assist students with all courses. 

We will implement Independent Learning and Flexible Seating - Our goal is to build independent learnersin efforts to encourage passion, inspiration, self-motivation, accountability and critical thinking. 

the goal 

The Goal is for each Student Athlete to become Champions in life, Leaders in the Community, on the court/field and symbols of hope to Inspire all Student Athletes to Dream, Believe and Execute.

Year 1 = Our goal is to set the tone for Sports Performance and education for student athletes to thrive in the State of Louisiana.

Year 3 = Our goal is to become a First class campus with amenities for not only student athletes, but everyone connected to them. 

Our goals remain steadfast 

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